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Episode 4: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Welcome to Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show. Join co-hosts Kate M. Colby and Jonas Lee as they chat about science fiction and fantasy novels over a drink.

ready player oneIn this episode, Kate and Jonas kick back with Wildcide Hard Cider and PBR to talk about Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Jonas dives deep into his 80s-kid nostalgia – and delivers the show’s first perfect shot rating! The duo also discusses the pros and cons of living in virtual reality, the importance of (in-person) human connection, and possibilities for the upcoming sequel. As a special bonus: five website comments buys you a quick (ear-splitting) jingle from Kate.

Want to know how the book compares to the movie? Listen to the Book vs Movie episode here.

Kate’s rating: 9/10 shots
Jonas’s rating: 10/10 shots

Check out Ready Player One on Goodreads.

Explicit warning: mild swearing

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