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BONUS Episode: Book vs Movie, Ready Player One

Welcome to Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show. Join co-hosts Kate M. Colby and Jonas Lee as they chat about science fiction and fantasy novels over a drink.

ready player one movie posterIn this special BONUS episode, your tipsy co-hosts compare Ready Player One in its book and movie forms — while sipping a custom RPO cocktail and a convict-inspired red wine. Based on Jonas’s eager questions, Kate gives an overview of how the two formats differ, what she liked about the movie, and her recommendation on when/if to see it.

SPOILER ALERT: Since this episode compares the movie and book, there’s no good way to avoid spoilers. Listen at your own risk!

Kate’s rating: catch the matinee!

Explicit warning: mild swearing

Click here for Kate & Jonas’s discussion of the Ready Player One book.

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